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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skin Crush: Song Hye Gyo

Her skin is definitely something to envy ... Song Hye Gyo is a famous korean actress who's face flashed the Philippine screen tv as lead actress for 2 famous koreanovela and we love her!
I love her new look, it looks so sophisticated, oh oh! someone stop me from visiting a salon this weekend this is not gonna be good. I want to have my hair long again...

Friday, January 29, 2010

being with family

It's always good to be with family and my cousin JB recently came to Dubai to try his luck like everyone else.

Had a lovely thai dinner in wafi, it's my favorite oriental restau here in Dubai.

Wearing brown knitted long pocket jacket & velvet boots from My Strawberry Shop, blue layered dress from h&m, coach denim bag & black stockings from marks & spencer.

Loving the lovely weather of Dubai and making the most of it to layer.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best Holiday Ever: Ski Trip Uludag, Bursa (Turkiye)

Of all the places we've travelled, our christmas trip to Turkey was so far the best and super fun trip we ever had! I want to share with you how much we enjoyed the trip.

Traveling is a passion my hubby and I share. We discover new things, explore new experience, eat local food and enjoy the thrill of being in a different culture.
What is your best holiday so far?

MCFANCY - would you eat them?

I am more worried of the PRICE than the CALORIES :)

by Count Leo Tolstoy

I already love in you your beauty, but I am only beginning to love in you that which is eternal and ever precious - your heart, your soul.

Beauty one could get to know and fall in love with in one hour and cease to love it as speedily; but the soul one must learn to know.

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